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June 23, 2021

Decaf coffee - Mahogany Queen

Is death before decaf really the worse thing that could happen?  Just like many things, decaf has its rightful place among coffee.  On average an 8 ounce cup of decaf coffee has about 7mg of caffeine.  Compare that to regular caffeinated coffee which has anywhere from 70-180mg of caffeine and the difference is clear.  One of the biggest perks of decaffeinated coffee is that it is lower in caffeine, which is better for pregnant women. 

If you are a regular coffee drinker, chances are going cold turkey will be a feat, instead just cut back or switch to decaf.  Truthfully, all coffee isn't created equal for example Starbucks decaf coffee can have close to 20mg of caffeine in 10-20 ounces of coffee.  On the other hand, the decaf coffee you would brew at home would have 7 - 8.4mg of caffeine in that same 10-20 ounces. 

Still not convinced that the switch to decaf is for you? Did you know that caffeine can trigger heartburn?  If you've ever experienced heartburn you know the pain.  Now imagine being pregnant, fighting insomnia, anxiety, nausea, headaches and NOW heartburn.  Studies show that pregnant women should consume no more than 200mg of caffeine a day.  The reason that reduced caffeine intake is so important during pregnancy specifically is because caffeine crosses the placenta and into the amniotic fluid ultimately reaching the baby's bloodstream.  The further along in pregnancy the longer it takes your body to process.  In the second trimester it takes 2x's as long to clear and during the third trimester at times 3x's as long. 

If switching to decaf is not an option then look for coffee with darker roasts because those typically have less caffeine. If you are looking to switch to decaf our Peru Decaf is perfect for you.  If you are looking to switch to a darker roast to reduce caffeine then try our French Roast or Italian Roast

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