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African Espresso

$16.00 USD

Mahogany Queen's African Espresso Blend: Straight from the Motherland, a cup coffee excellence

Experience the vibrant spirit of Africa with our African Espresso Blend, a medium to dark roast that showcases the exceptional flavors of Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. This carefully crafted blend brings together the finest coffee beans from these renowned East African regions, resulting in a captivating espresso that will transport your taste buds to the heart of the continent.

From Kenya, we source beans known for their lively acidity and notes of bright citrus and berry. Tanzanian beans contribute depth and earthiness, adding layers of complexity to the blend. Finally, Ethiopian beans bring forth delicate floral undertones and a hint of wine-like sweetness. Together, they create an espresso experience that is as dynamic as the diverse landscapes of East Africa.

Embrace the allure of Africa with our African Espresso Blend, where the finest beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia come together in perfect harmony. Experience a royal espresso experience with this captivating blend that celebrates the richness and diversity of East African coffee traditions.