Peru Decaf

$17.99 USD

Our Peru Decaf is made with the finest Peruvian coffee beans, carefully selected to ensure unparalleled flavor and complexity. The dark roast profile is skillfully achieved through a meticulous roasting process, unlocking the full potential of each bean and delivering a bold and robust taste that embodies the essence of rich, dark coffee.

But what truly sets our coffee apart is the unique Swiss Water Process. This innovative and eco-friendly method gently removes caffeine from the beans, preserving their natural flavors without the use of chemicals. The result is a pure and vibrant taste that retains the delightful caramel and citrus notes, leaving you with a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.

Whether you're looking to unwind in the evening or seeking a satisfying cup after dinner, our decaf coffee provides a perfect solution for those moments when you want to enjoy the essence of dark roast without the stimulation of caffeine. It's an ideal choice for those who may be caffeine-sensitive or simply prefer to limit their caffeine intake, while still experiencing the unparalleled pleasure of a premium dark roast coffee.